Established in 2019

Obsidian Alliance was established in order to give the freight forwarding and logisitcs community more.

More networking

More business

More education

More lifestyle

Director Jacinta Richmond has a background in major events and a passion for developing strong relationships as the key to good business, strong growth and longevity. As the Director of an international fashion week, she was always connecting fashion designers with freight forwarders. As her own relationships built with freight forwarders, she came to understand that while there are global networks, none offer what she could bring to the table.

Let's face it. No one says as a child "I want to be in Freight Forwarding and Logistics when I grow up."

Creating alliances, relationships and attending networking events doesn't haven't to be boring. Obsidian Alliance is bringing the sexy and glamour to your networking conferences.

Bucket List Locations

Lifestyle Experiences

Family activities

Guest speakers who will share inspiration and tools with you to grow your business

Connections within every city around the world, connections who are the best, who thrive to be better, who are the game changers and forward thinkers and who are the elite of the industry and want to remain at the top!

Obsidian Alliance promises to you:

  • We will spend your membership dollars on you - providing Alliance members with the opportunity to create and build good business through relationships, education and shared experiences. On Member Services and Opportunities.